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Happisburgh Dog Park


Updates & Key Information


Hello! Myself (Shannon) and Hudson are here to tell you a little bit about Happisburgh Dog Park!

Happisburgh Dog Park is just under 1 acre. It is fully enclosed by a 6ft high skirted fence. 

We have 50 minute slots available daily which are £10.00. You can book a slot with us here. Once you have paid you will be sent a confirmation email, confirming the date and time of your bookings (please ensure you check this before your arrival).

When you arrive at our park you will pull into our car parking area. The gate to the car park will be closed, however please open this upon your arrival. Once parked please close this gate behind you. ALL DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON LEAD AT ALL TIMES WHEN WITHIN THE CAR PARKING AREA. You will enter the field through the pedestrian gate - this will be locked via combination lock (you will have the pin to this in your confirmation email). Once the gate is closed beind you please enjoy 50 minutes of freedom with your doggo(s) in the field!

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Key information:

When making payment for a booking you are confirming that you have read and understand our rules and terms & conditions.

There is no lighting, so please book within daylight hours.

There maybe livestock grazing in the field next to the park.

There is no running water so please bring your own to keep your dog(s) hydrated!

There is a dog waste bin on site - please ensure you pick up after your dog(s)

Maximum or 6 dog per booking.

Maximum of 2 cars per booking.

Once your slot is finished you must exit the field and car park area - please do not wait until the next booking arrives.

Please respect our park and do not allow your dogs to dig or damage any fencing or equipment within the field.

Do not share the access pin to the pedestrian gate.

When exiting our park please ensure all gates a securely shut/locked.

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