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Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg

Vacancies - 

Here at Shannon's Pet Care we are looking into launching a brand new service for us - Home-boarding. This is where our customers dogs would come and stay within your home for the duration their owners are away.

Here's a little bit of information about what the role would expect:

You should treat to dog(s) coming into your home as one of your own, and try and follow their routine as they would be at their own home (this will be highlighted on the registration form). On day of arrival, we ask at for the customers to drop off their dog(s) to you, along with collecting them on day of departure. Please ensure you check over the dog to ensure they are well, do not accept any dogs that appear unwell. You will be given a check list to check in the owners bring with their dog(s). We ask that owners bring their dog(s) bedding, food, toys, food bowls, water bowls, leads and collars. It is important however to you to have spare bedding, food, toys, bowls etc. in case. You must ensure that all dog(s) are kept safe within your care and ensure their well being in maintain during their stay.

Please find more information via the PDF document below - PLEASE READ:

All our applicants must be DBS checked, pet first and aid trained and have their license application completed (with the return of their licensing number and certificate) before the services are to begin. 

If you have any questions about this role or whether this role may be of interest to you then please contact us via email -

(Our license number: NNDC/AA060 - 04/07/2023)

Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg
Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg
Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg

Dog Walking & Pop Ins

We are looking for someone to join our team to help with our dog walking and pop in services to Stalham and the surrounding areas. We are looking for the following days and times to be covered (there is potential for this role to expand in hours if the applicant has the flexibility to do so). Current days we are looking for are Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, however there are additional hours to potentially be offer on Mondays & Wednesdays. Pay will be dependent on location of applicant (this can be discussed further is interview is obtained).

Here at Shannon’s Pet Care we offer a range of different services (you can find more information about these on our website). We are looking for someone who would be able to offer all of our pop in services along with our solo dog walking and buddy dog walking services. Walks take place come rain and shine to applicant must be prepared to walk in all kinds of weather. It is important to always keep an aim for the walks in mind, whether that’s stimulation for a dog, socialising them with other dogs, people environments, or using the time to let the dog burn so of their exercise or simply exercising them!

The new member of the team could potentially be asked to walk up to 4 dogs at one time. We walk a range of dogs who vary in sizes, so we ask that the candidate must be able to handle larger dogs and long with handling a number of dogs at one given time. The duration of our walks is tailored to our four-legged friends so they can range from 30 minutes - 2 hours. In wet weather / muddy walks we always clean down the dogs before they enter their home.

We ask for the candidate to be trustworthy and ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals we care for is maintained. Confidentiality must also be maintained at all times and no details of the pets we care for should be given out unless directed otherwise. If you are accessing a customer’s home whilst they are not present, then you must ensure the security of the property upon entering and leaving, and you must not let anyone enter the home unless they are the customers or given permission by the customers to do so.

The new member of our team must go above and beyond when offering our services, in order to make sure our furry friends are cared for to an excellent standard. We ask that you must be; animal loving, enthusiastic, hands on, hardworking, caring, reliable and flexible. We ask that the applicant has a full driving license (due to travel for different jobs)  and with the potential that dogs could be transport within car (equipment for dogs safety will be provided). We would love our applicant to have experience of dog walking and caring for animals. Any relevant qualifications (such as animal care) will be highly desired. 

All of our applicants will be asked to complete a standard DBS check along with a pet first aid course before beginning their role.

Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg
Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg
Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg

Live In Pet & House Sitter

Here at Shannon’s Pet Care we offer a reliable and trustworthy service to all our customers. It is important to ensure that all services are kept on time as our customer greatly rely on the arranged schedule of the appointments we provide, and additionally the duration of the services. Honesty is key. We must ensure the security of the customers home when leaving any of the services we provide.

What the booking process will look like for you -

Before any services take place, we will ask you to download the TimeTree App (we will send over a link to this app for you to download). It is a shared calendar. Here you can input dates and times you are unavailable, and we can input bookings for any pet sits that are confirmed.

A customer will make the contact with Shannon’s Pet Care (either through our Facebook page, website, email or telephone), in regards to enquiries about our services they are wanting to book. For our pet sitting/home boarding service I will initially ask for their location, number and types of pets, duration of stay, dates of stay and timings for arrival and drop off. We will then make contact with yourself to confirm your availability. I asked that we are prompt with our confirmation and that we can do this within 24 hours of the first initial enquiry made by the customer.

Once the dates have been confirmed we send our customers a registration form (this has information about the pets, their vets, their routine etc.). Once this form is completed, we then ask to arrange for a meeting to take place with the customer, depending on service with depend where meeting will take place. If you are providing a pet and house sitting the meeting will take place from the customers home – this will ensure that the customer can also tell you about the home itself. For home boarding services we ask that the meeting takes place from your home. Please note it is not usual for us to arrange a meeting for our holiday day let pet sits, this is due the pet sit booking be close to the initial enquiries being made.

Confidentiality -

For this role you will have access to personal information about our customers. We ask that you do not disclose any information about our customers, and when the registration forms are shared with yourself, please store them in a safe place to which you only have access to. Unless told otherwise please do not take photos of the customers pets. If photos are taken, please do not show any details in which shows the location and whereabouts of the pets. You may have access to the customers home through a key given to you by the customer – do not allow anyone else other than yourself to hold this key and again please store in a safe place. Customers may also leave a key out or have a key safe to which can be accessed with a specific pin – do not share the location of where keys maybe stored or any pins to any key safes. You are to be sole person to be present at the property and should not let any enter the property without the consent of the customer (this would include tradespeople). If at any point a customer leaves our service, I ask that all of their personal information/details are passed back onto me.

Contact with Customers –

We ask for updates to be sent during your service via text message, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger. Our customers will usually tell us what updates they would like (e.g., were they behaved on the walk, did they go to the toilet etc.), and frequency of the updates. We ask that all communication is kept to a professional level. If customers ask for any further bookings, or if you unsure of something please direct the customer to Shannon.

Pet Sitting -

  • Holiday Let Day Pet Sit: This is currently the only day pet sitting we have to offer. We offer day pet sits to local holiday lets (most of these can be found on the East Ruston Cottages website). During these pet sits we follow the dog routine as closely as possible – this information will be handed to us from the owners prior to any pet sit taking place. - £9.00 per hour 

  • Overnight home/pet sit: This is where we stay within our customers home for the duration they are away on holiday. We follow the pet’s routine as closely as possible. (£32.00 per night – day rate pay of £15.00 if pet sit is due to begin before 10:00am on day of arrival, or even after 10:00am on day of departure).

Shannon's Pet Care_edited.jpg

If you are interested in our: Dog Walking Pop In Vacancy, Live In Pet & House Sitter Vacancy and/or our Homeboarder Vacancy - please send Shannon a copy of you C.V with a statement on any details on past animal care experience and why you are wanting to join our wonderful team Please send these to Shannon via email:

As mentioned any successful applicants will undergo a DBS check and Pet First Aid course before offering any of our services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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