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Dog Walking

We love getting our steps up at Shannon's  Pet Care and exercising your canine friends. We always follow an aim for the walks, whether its giving your dog the opportunity to simply stretch their legs, socialise with friends (human or another dog) or to tire them out before they head back home. 

Please find more information on the walks we have to offer below:

Solo Dog Walks

Solo puppy walk (£10.00) - this is for a 20-30 minute walk for those pups just starting out in their walking life or for doggos who may struggle with longer walks.  Please note time and prices can be altered in order to tailor for your small 4 legged friend. An additional £2.50 per dog within the same household.

45 Minute Dog Walk (£12.25) - Great for pups who are building up their walks or for those who may not be able to quite manage a full hour of walking. An additional £2.50 per dog within the same household

60 Minute Solo dog walk (£14.50) - perfect for dogs who may prefer to walk alone without other dogs. This is the price for one dog. Any additional  dogs to be walked will be an extra £2.50 per dog (must be within the same household). 

Buddy Dog Walks

30 Minutes (£9.50)

60 Minutes (£12.50)

2 Hours (£17.00)

We now offer a range of different durations of buddy walks, as we understand that all dogs are different and may feel comfortable with different lengths of walks! A buddy dog walk it where your dog(s) walk with another dog(s) from another household. We love creating new doggo buddies! This is a perfect opportunity for your dog to create a new best friend, have a play and / or have some doggy company on their walk. For our 30 and 60 minute buddy dog walk it's an additional £2.50 per dog within the same household, for our 2 hour buddy dog walk it's an additional £5.00 per dog.

Adventure Morning

£15.00 for one dog then additional £7.00 per dog within the same household

*NEW SERVICE* - Our adventure mornings are a perfect oppurtunity for your doggo(s) to explore some amazing walks whilst enjoying the company of other four-legged friends. If you are planning a day out this could be a perfect service for you, knowing your dog is cared for part of the day, and being exercise so they will be tired once dropped back home. We will collect your dog from their home before enjoying a fun-filled 2 hour walk and then returning them home. If walks are wet or muddy dogs will be scrubbed and dried with a towel before entering your home.

Our next adventure morning available to book is: Saturday 21st September. The walk will take place between 10:00am-12:00pm. Collection will be between 9:00am-10:00am, and drop off between 12:00pm-13:00pm. This walk is with Shannon & Beth and we currently have 10 spaces available. Please contact Shannon directly to book onto this walk.

*please note we do not offer our dog walking services on Christmas Day*

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